My First Rodeo

As an avid seamstress, I revel in the world of vintage fashion of a bygone era where girls and ladies wore dresses for even the dullest of occasions. A tech savvy person, I am not. But, I am letting my daughter take the lead in creating a blog for me to help me take my business to the next level. She has informed me that people want to know about the creation of my handmade dresses and the stories behind the fabrics and techniques that are all but lost in the world of manufacturing.

first collection of christening gowns

first collection of christening gowns

Currently, I have an inventory of hand made children’s clothing items for both girls and boys that are looking for a home. But, my new endeavor will be to host truck shows in private homes as early as this fall. My daughter has convinced me that people need to see and touch my heirloom christening gowns and first communion dresses in order to make that choice…to buy from me or ABC Bridal down the street. My dresses are not off the rack from a manufacturing plant around the world. My items are custom made from high quality fabric (some are original, most are vintage reproduction, and even modern). Overall, each are one of a kind items–all made from vintage (or vintage-inspired) patterns for the discrimating shopper. When you buy from me, you will be helping me to retire from the field of nursing to allow me to sew your children’s and grandchildren’s heirloom clothing. Each item I create is made from the heart with perfection as if I were making it for my own daughter or grandchildren. Whether I am painstakingly recreating a pattern to a modern size, selecting the right lace or fabric for the “one” dress, I pour my heart and soul into each piece. All my heirloom quality dresses have more than one heirloom technique. I am experienced with the following techniques:

    • pin tucks
    • French seams (no Serging)
    • lace insertion
    • entredeux
    • lace edging
    • and more
    lace insertion and entredeux
    lace insertion and entredeux techniques

      I will attempt to write this blog to chronicle my adventures in heirloom sewing. I hope you will come along for the ride.


4 thoughts on “My First Rodeo

  1. Mattie Johnson

    The christening gowns are beautiful. I have a granddaughter due next month. I anxious to get more information.



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